Pablo Montero becomes violent and attacks a reporter at a press conference

Pablo Montero becomes violent and attacks a reporter at a press conference

Pablo Montero is facing a new controversy in his career after being alerted by producer Juan Osorio to his addiction to drinking. A few hours ago, a video emerged of the actor and singer attacking a reporter during a press conference.

It all happened that Saturday after Montero’s presentation at the Saltillo trade show, when the singer came down from the stage to answer some reporters’ questions. At a certain point, one of the journalists named Italia Herrera questioned the interpreter about one of the issues that have become relevant in recent weeks, his alleged drinking problems, which so inflamed Pablo’s mood that he fought back and attacked the correspondent.

In the images already circulating on social networks, the protagonist of “The Last King” is seen quite upset trying to steal Herrera’s cell phone, seconds later the young woman is surrounded by Montero’s security elements while he struggles with her required that you are deleting the video you just recorded.

This afternoon, during the broadcast of Ventanenado, a program she works for, Italia spoke about this painful incident, revealing that in addition to what can be seen in the video, she was held by the singer’s staff: “They have seen the friendly side but it was really a nightmare to be locked against my will because they deprived me of my freedom for about 10 to 15 minutes, I don’t know the time but it was very ugly,” he said.

She also explained that both she and her partner were intimidated by the artist’s safety, even receiving multiple beatings, after which she decided to take legal action: “I’m in the Attorney General’s office, also here in Saltillo, Coahuila; there is also a specialist unit for criminal offenses against journalists. The prosecution staff are really speeding things up because I’m very scared,” he added.

Most recently, she revealed that Pablo also verbally attacked her and broke several of her work tools, causing her material damage of over 40,000 pesos: “He hit me, the phone fell out after that and they practically grabbed my phone, they got it eliminated He has said many words to me that I would rather omit. The bare phone is worth 28,000 pesos, the audio console around 4,000 pesos, the cable around 500 pesos, the microphone around 2,000 pesos. My light didn’t stay with me, it fell to the ground because everything was falling, everything was torn between Pablo and his security guards.

Montero apologizes

Minutes later, Pablo Montero contacted the Azteca program to address the allegations against him, admitting that his impulses won him over, but also clarifying that the reporter wasn’t that professional as the press conference had already ended, additionally to the fact that touched on a sensitive subject when he had a child by his side.

“My behavior was incorrect. To be honest, the question confused me a bit. I’ve always answered that question, but in that moment I was with the kid next to me and I think that’s what made me so; I was very uncomfortable.”

Likewise, the singer denied he was under the influence of alcohol or any other substance at the time and apologized to both the reporter and the public, in addition to offering to pay for the damage: “I would like to thank the reporter apologize and with his partner and if necessary pay what has been damaged, “he added.