Pablo Lyles wife testifies at actors trial

Pablo Lyle’s wife testifies at actor’s trial

  • Pablo Lyle allegedly beat a man to death in March 2019.
  • Since then, the actor has been in a trial that could lead to a prison sentence of several years.
  • Now his wife appeared in court this Friday to testify in court.

the judgment of Paul Lyle continues its course after being suspended due to Hurricane Ian, which hit Florida.

This Friday it was the actor’s wife’s turn, Ana Araujo to appear in court in Miami proclaim in the involuntary manslaughter case against the actor.

According to ‘Ventaneando’, Ana Araujo requested the change of the translator she had since the beginning of her testimonies during the prosecutor’s interrogation, claiming that she did not get along very well with her, while the authorities approved the request.

There Ana mentions what happened that day: “Lucas (was driving), Pablo in the co-pilot, I was sitting behind Lucas and Mauro, my son, came with me, and then Aranza and Thiago came. I remember Lucas taking an exit who later realized it wasn’t the right one,” he began.

“I remember[Lucas]saying ‘sorry,’ and we moved on. (Later) we started hearing a horn playing us super loud. (The horn) was very aggressive, it took a long time. In fact, it seemed very excessive to me,” he continued.

Then Ana added: “I remember he apologized (Delfino), he honked us very loudly the whole time until we stopped and I started yelling, insulting a man and saying rude things .”

According to Ana, the moment was terrifying and she explained: “I was very scared, my heart started beating really hard and that’s when I heard the truck being hit.”

Pablo’s silent wife indicated that she managed to see who the person who hit the truck was, pointing out: “Yes (I saw) because I turned around, Mauro, who came next to me , hugged me very tightly and started crying and trying to protect me. I remember Aranza covering her ears and trying to snuggle up next to me.”

As Lucas was “getting out of the truck, he got out and the man grabbed him and they backed up and I lost sight of them.”

“I remember Pablo trying to stop the truck because I realized the truck was moving on, (there was) an avenue ahead, cars were going by. At that moment I panicked, the children were very scared, they were making a lot of noise and I see Pablo’s scared face as he tried to stop the truck. I wanted to help park, but I couldn’t because I was buckled up and the kids were on me, and I remember Pablo getting out of the truck and yelling at the person that was there, “Calm down, there are kids in the truck car'” he concluded.

The trial is ongoing, so it is not yet known if these statements could be considered in Lyle’s favour. However, it will be next week to know if the actor is guilty or innocent after 3 years of being in this case that has not been solved.

Ana Araujo testifies at Pablo Lyle's trial