Ozzy Osbourne doing well + Discharged from hospital after surgery – Loudwire

Ozzy Osbourne doing well + Discharged from hospital after surgery – Loudwire

UPDATE: Ozzy Osbourne now appears to have been discharged from hospital following his surgery on Monday (June 13). Page Six reports that Osbourne was released on Tuesday (June 14) and ended up standing as he exited the hospital wheelchair to board his vehicle, presumably to return home and continue his recovery.

Last week, Sharon Osbourne announced that Ozzy would have a potentially life-changing procedure on Monday June 13th.

“Our family would like to express so much gratitude for the overwhelming amount of love and support that led to Ozzy’s surgery!” she wrote in a social media post. “Ozzy is fine and on the mend! Your love means the world to him.”

Sharon previously mentioned the operation on UK broadcaster TalkTV’s The Talk. She flew to Los Angeles from the UK to be with Ozzy for the surgery, which she had described as “major” and said it would “rule the rest of his life”. Back in May, the rocker announced he was planning to have more surgery on his neck as his 2003 ATV accident resulted in long-lasting damage to some of his vertebrae.

Yesterday, ahead of the surgery, the Prince of Darkness shared a link to the song “I Love You All” from his 2010 solo album Scream on his social media, so it’s a great relief to hear he’s doing fine now.

The Osbourne family has a few other major milestones ahead of them in the next few weeks, including the birth of Jack Osbourne’s daughter-to-be with his fiancée Aree Gearheart and Sharon and Ozzy’s 40th wedding anniversary. Additionally, the couple plans to eventually both relocate to the UK, and their daughter Kelly Osbourne is also expecting a baby with Slipknot’s Sid Wilson.

Sharon also flew to California from England a few weeks ago to look after Ozzy after he tested positive for COVID-19. Because of all the traveling she’s made back and forth since starting her new job at TalkTV’s The Talk, she said Ozzy jokingly asked her, “Have you been fired yet?”

Loudwire wishes the Osbournes well as Ozzy recovers from his procedure and all of their forthcoming endeavors.

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