Oxxo cashier raises the temperature with 5 PHOTOS in miniskirt

Oxxo cashier raises the temperature with 5 PHOTOS in miniskirt

The beautiful Lupita Cano, Dua Lupita or Alex Silvabetter known as the most beautiful oxxo cash register in mexico wowed his millions of followers Instagram and Tiktok With clothes so flirtatious and poses well done, like a professional model, whether at home, at work or with friends or family taking pictures of her to feed their social networks.

Alex looks great in yellow. Photo: Instagram @lupana_cano

In all the photos of the Oxxo cashier, we can always see the beautiful smile and the captivating look that gives us Whether she has a good make-up or doesn’t wear a drop of makeup, she always looks spectacular, in addition to her charisma and good vibes, which always stands out when she makes viral videos where she is with her colleague dating a Branch dances or jokes in the congregation Cadereyta in Nuevo Leon.

Dua Lupita is very popular on Instagram. Photo: @lupana_cano

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The Oxxo cashier made everyone fall in love with such flirty clothes

The Oxxo cashier is searched for in a different way that ensures her face is a copy British singer Dua Lipa. In an interview for national media, Alex assured that people mistake her for the singer and she likes that because she admitted to being a fan, adding that one of her dreams would be to meet her and take a photo make on which she hugs her. Thanks to her growing fame, the Oxxo cashier was able to grow her following Instagram and Tiktok to such an extent that brands started looking for it to promote their products.

Alex is very elegant. Photo: Instagram @lupana_cano

The most beautiful photos of the Oxxo checkout

Dua Lupita is popular on TikTok. Photo: Instagram @lupana_cano Her fit look is very flirtatious. Photo: Instagram @lupana_cano


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