"Over here"Thirteen Peters Shot Alerts Fans:   e’s What Happened

"Over here"Thirteen Peters Shot Alerts Fans: e’s What Happened

Thirteen Pietro revealed via his Instagram the fact that he had ended up in the hospital. Concern among the many fans increased immediately. How is the young singer doing now?

For several years, Tredici Pietro has entered the music scene with seriousness and determination. The son of Gianni Morandi he was able to give songs that soon won over many fans. This time, however, he communicated from his social networks a situation that goes beyond music.

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Thirteen Peter He was able to conquer the audience with his songs. The present affection is proof of how he was appreciated for what he showed and not for being someone’s child Italian legend. In addition to the music, the young artist also publishes private aspects on social media. This time, it raised concern from fans with a snap.

The young singer has always known how to surprise. He did it with music and he does it through social media. A few weeks ago Thirteen Pietro showed up with a new look. A complete revolution that has touched all his dearest lovers. This time, as mentioned, the situation shown is quite different. The shot left no doubt and Thirteen saw Peter outside an emergency room. What happened?

Thirteen Peter in the hospital? Fans worried the truth

The Instagram story posted by Tredici Pietro has caused some excitement and concern. The young artist shared a selfie with an emergency room behind him. Thirteen Pietro added only two words to the photo “over here“.

However, in the next story, the singer puts everyone at ease by showing himself with a certain filter. The artist wrote: “Everything is fine raga, soft tapping has done the crazy”. That I knock he refers to a colleague of his. The two also performed a musical collaboration together. And it was he who needed the hospital care.

During an event, the young musician had a problem with his hand. On his Instagram he can actually be seen with a bandaged hand. Fortunately, however, the incident was minor and had no ill effects. In this regard, the artist was calm about what happened.

In short, just a big scare for them and the fans. Eventually, Peter Thirteen escorted him to the emergency room Lil Busso. The situation, as mentioned, returned shortly thereafter with the young artist’s exit from the emergency room. A small unexpected event for the two artists who, however, returned within a few hours. Which made many people breathe a sigh of relief.

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