Outside the CAQ outside Trudeau outside Democracy

Outside the CAQ, outside Trudeau, outside Democracy

I’ve had enough of these demonstrations or roadblocks with people chanting hostile slogans and calling on our elected rulers to leave.

Far from Quebec, I didn’t really feel the last waves of the election campaign. I’m waiting for the results and hoping for the best to happen without really being convinced.

One thing is for sure, I will accept popular judgment and not encourage sending home elected officials who don’t suit me, as opposed to the ultra-radicals who sack those who think differently from them.

The anti-CAQ convoy confirms the fears of my French and European friends, who fear a major weakening of democracy around the world.

The rise of the extreme right in Italy and Sweden, the Hungarian leadership, the belief of Vladimir Putin and his ilk that a democratic country is ungovernable are causes for concern.

In the current context, it is the felt powerlessness that is very alarming!

Europe exploded

The French National Assembly could be dissolved and new general elections called to allow President Macron to implement his reforms.

The bet is risky, say my intellectual comrades, who expect a stronger stranglehold from extremists on both the left and right of Parliament.

According to them, Le Pen and Mélenchon are closer to Putin than Biden and could endanger NATO and the survival of the European community. Already in the latter, Poland and Bulgaria do not lead far, and the English got out.

In a divided Europe, the rapprochement of certain states with Russia is then foreseeable and would herald the end of globalization as we know it.

That would be good news for many, but the commitment to a multipolar world with the resumption of the Cold War does not ensure more peace and social justice for humanity than anti-globalization opponents would like.

I felt some discouragement among friends, certainly compounded by the pandemic, which is likely to be a long time coming.

However, like us, you have a mandate to revitalize democracy and it is in your interest not to give up, because the rule of law is at stake!

Vote credibly

Without knowing Quebec’s election results, it is foreseeable that the composition of the National Assembly will not reflect the weight of the tendencies expressed.

Voices not heard within the Parliamentary District become screams outside, multiplying in convoys advocating anarchy.

Rather than protecting their comfortable leather circle, the CAQ MPs would have done useful work by helping to reform the electoral system.

Their attitude contributed to the decay of democracy and the rise of disorder. When every vote counts, it’s time to show it in our parliaments.

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