Out of danger Pedro Capó: "i am whole" The spokesman for Puerto Rico

the singer-songwriter Pedro Kapo He is “completely exhausted” and in good health.

Calma’s voice agreed medical centerbut as part of a routine follow-up for a recent fall on a one-wheel skateboard.

“Pedro Capó was not hit by a bullet. It’s okay, his presence at the medical center is simply due to a fall from a scooter,” the artist’s office confirmed SPOKESMAN.

Via a “story” on his Instagram account, the composer shared “that I am in good health, in good spirits and in good spirits”.

“I’m healthy,” he added, before explaining that his visit to the medical center was due to a fall from a “unicycle,” or electronic skateboard with a single wheel.

“Yes, I fell… I have a black eye… there’s no bleeding, there’s nothing, I’m not in pain so I can’t fight,” he specified while showing his full body to demonstrate his physical condition Integrity.

The actor also thanked for the expressions of affection after circulating on social networks that he had been shot at.

The Puerto Rican is gearing up for a series of concerts in Spain, starting May 9th on stages in Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Barcelona.