Our General, on TV tonight (January 17) the last episode: the tragic end of Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa

Our General, on TV tonight (January 17) the last episode: the tragic end of Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa

The Mafia kills General Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, his second wife Emanuela Serri Carraro and policeman Domenico Russo. It’s a tragic ending, but that’s what happened, the one that ends Our General, the fiction of Rai 1 that tonight on TV, January 17that 21.30 reached the last episode.


Our General, on TV tonight the series with Sergio Castellitto that tells the fight of Dalla Chiesa against the BR: plot, cast and episodes

Our general, the last episode on TV tonight

Sergio Castellitto will take on the role of General Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa in this final episode. There will be two episodes leading viewers towards the end of the miniseries: from falling in love with Emanuela to her tragic death.

The plot of the first and second episode

Tonight’s first episode is called “The Return”. General dalla Chiesa recently met Red Cross nurse Emanuela Setti Carraro. There seems to be a good understanding between the two, to the point that the general decides to introduce the woman to his children. But the terrorists didn’t stop and Enrico Riziero Galvaligi, a friend and collaborator of dalla Chiesa, paid the price with his death. The climate in Italy is scalding and the explosion of the P2 scandal shows that the general himself applied for membership at a moment of crisis. Meanwhile, the brother of Patrizio Peci, the first member of the Red Brigades who decided to cooperate with justice, is kidnapped in revenge. Under the pretext of a promotion, the general is removed from the operational archives.

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The murder

The second episode, the last of the series, is called “Segunto”. Giovanni Senzani, the terrorists’ new leader, has Patrizio Peci’s brother tried and killed. But the first leaks are appearing within the organization: the remorseful, choosing to confess and cooperating with the judiciary, are increasing. The state seems to have the advantage over the Red Brigades In 1982, Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa returned to Palermo as prefect to continue the fight against the mafia. Despite promised special powers, he finds himself alone: On September 3, 1982, the general was assassinated by the Mafia in Via Carini along with Emanuela and her police officer. Shooting at Dalla Chiesa and his wife was Antonino Madonia, who was on board a BMW with Calogero Ganci. Domenico Russo was killed by Pino Greco “Scarpuzzedda” who was riding one of the two motorcycles.