Our General Dalla Chiesa attacks Rai 3: "My father wasn’t there"

Our General Dalla Chiesa attacks Rai 3: "My father wasn’t there"

Our General Dalla Chiesa attacks Rai 3 quotMy father wasnt

Nando Dalla ChiesaSon of General Carlo Alberto, sul everyday happenings he comments on the Rai fiction “Our General” that has captivated millions of viewers to Rai Uno. The verdict of Rita Dalla Chiesa’s brother is positive and exceptionally, in his opinion, his father’s story was told more realistically: “The one from Our General, the Rai fiction by Lucio Pellegrini, which instead of rumors and violence took place fantasies, it represents the real one reality experienced by those who were there and saw it. Following Herodotus’ principle that history is written more with the eye than the ear. reconstruction of reality that everyone could see, but many chose to ignore, burying it under their obsessions and prejudices”.

Without words.  Dalla Chiesa, shot at Rai: during the fiction about the father ...

Then Dalla Chiesa himself comes back to some obscure points about his father’s fate and above all to the rumors about Moro’s memorial: “Three months had passed since the massacre in Via Carini (3 in the Christian Democratic Left” it was said that my father had been murdered for blackmailing a powerful man with Moro’s papers, which he obtained when he broke into the Red Brigades’ hideout over Monte Nevoso. He had kept some papers that he should have given to Prime Minister Andreotti. “Word has got around.” Tried by no one, not a scrap of document in decades.”

I noticed it too...: Rita Dalla Chiesa, the unedited revelation of Rai fiction

Finally, a bitter consideration that will certainly cause discussion: “It is better not to go into this long and very difficult story. That is why the free and nonconformist are ashamed to say a word about the general. And that’s why years ago in a well-known program Rai3, made the gallery of people to whom the history of the republic owed gratitude. You put dozens of them. Not he, however, who built up the resistance, won the fight against terrorism with his men, led the fight against the mafia until he died that way. What else should he do? Who knows what the enlightened interpreters of nonconformist thought were thinking.”