Ornella Vanoni goodbye unfortunately it really happened nobody would have

Ornella Vanoni goodbye, unfortunately it really happened: nobody would have wanted to hear this announcement

Ornella Vanoni goodbye unfortunately it really happened nobody would haveOrnella Vanoni-Lineadiretta24

The sad farewell to the beloved singer; Ornella Vanoni fans speechless about what happened

An unmistakable timbre of the voice, that of Ornella Vanoni, which has accompanied us since the ’50s, the years in which it made its debut. A career full of different musical styles, in addition to pop songs, he also touched on jazz and bossa nova.

She has taken the prestigious stage of the Sanremo Festival eight times and is the only artist to have won the Tenco Award, an important Italian music prize, twice. In short, a long career.

Privately, the singer was married to the impresario Lucio Ardenzi from which his only son was born Christian. The marriage does not last long and falls apart shortly before the child is born; his true love is his colleague Gino Paoli. The two, both married, have enjoyed a long and troubled secret relationship.


The one with Gino Paoli was a long and tormented love, as Ornella Vanoni herself admitted to Corriere: “If I had been more honest, I would have told my husband that I still love Gino Paoli and I would not have married him. I wanted to too, but there was a problem: Gino was married. It was a disaster, a very troubled love and maybe that’s why I loved Paoli so much. I didn’t own it, I didn’t have it. When you don’t have a person, you believe that the greatest love is the one that makes you suffer the most. Instead, shit, it should be the other way around. You should love anyone who makes you happy.”

Why to Vanoni it’s like this, direct, pronounced, probably age related too, leading to not giving a damn about what other people think. As in the In Arte program, which he openly admitted to smoke weed: “Before bedtime I make a joint. For years I couldn’t, then one day they forced me to smoke one and I was able to fall asleep. I said to myself: do you want to see what my medicine is? I am now 55 years old. Now I need to find supervisors who know how to roll…”

1674381136 397 Ornella Vanoni goodbye unfortunately it really happened nobody would haveA recent picture of Ornella Vanoni-Lineadiretta24 (source Instagram)

Farewell to Ornella Vanoni

But after a career of around 60 years, it might be time Stop singing. Ornella Vanoni Now he is 88 years old and getting tired. Because of this, he announced on his site that he wanted to take it with him a break from obligations.

He then explained: “It must have happened to everyone to have a nightmare, hardly a positive one. I was struggling with myself, I was excited, still too much pain, and suddenly I hear confused voices who speak loudly and overlap. So I woke up to look for the wax caps. Useless, The voices were in my head. At that moment I made a decision: I had a great project, but now I don’t feel like it anymore.

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