Orietta Berti without a veil They offered me a lot

Orietta Berti without a veil: “They offered me a lot to pose naked”

Orietta Bertie he answers questions. there Singer he loves to talk about himself and, as is well known, does not scare anyone with extravagant or unpublished details from his career. This is what happened on Friday evening when the artist was a guest Maurizio Costanzo ShowShe revealed that in the past she was offered a lot of money to pose unveiled magazines like Playmen and Playboy.

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Orietta Berti without a veil: “They offered me a lot to pose naked”

The subject is touched upon by the conductor himself, to which Orietta replies: «You offered me an enormous amount to pose naked. I could have bought four apartments with that money.” As far as we know, Cavriago’s nightingale never accepted these offers, only ever focusing on his crystal clear voice to make himself known and appreciated by the public.

The reasons for this refusal are explained to her by the singer herself during the show: “Besides the fact that I am a woman of modesty, I did not accept, especially for my mother-in-law. You didn’t know her, but she was very strong. He would have taken my husband from me.” In short, she chose love over easy success and has never looked back since.

Last updated: Sunday 2 October 2022, 11:52 am