Orietta Berti, Suspense to the Stars |  Shock Admission: Things Could Go Wrong

Orietta Berti, Suspense to the Stars | Shock Admission: Things Could Go Wrong

The singer was chosen by Alfonso Signorini to be at his side in the new edition of GF Vip, but she reveals a great fear

Orietta BertiOrietta-Berti (Mediaset game)

This year in edition GF VIP 7 Alfonso Signorini He decided to change his right shoulder. In the studio, with him, Sonia Bruganelli and Orietta Bertie. The latter will in fact replace Adriana Wolpe who was there last year with her colleague.

Orietta Berti has experienced a second youth in recent years: from last year’s summer hit to various TV appearances, she is still such a popular face that she once again took the stage at the Ariston Theater for the Sanremo Festival.

She was immediately excited by the experience with the GF Vip, but she herself is also aware that it could be difficult, especially for those who are not used to following the TV patterns in such lengthy live shows. Now that it’s about to begin, the singer has decided to reveal her biggest fear which could also jeopardize his participation in the reality show. Let’s see what he said.

Orietta Berti said something could go wrong: Excited to the stars at GF Vip 7, she is very scared

Orietta BertiOrietta-Berti (Mediaset game)

The singer put it bluntly: The GF Vip will be an experience that fascinates her, but also frightens her at the same time. “I hope I don’t make too many mistakes.” in fact, Orietta Berti said, admitting that it is a great fear of her. She would regret losing the high regard the public has always held for her, and that experience could turn everyone against her.

“I’ll always be myself anyway, I won’t change,” she said resolutely, proud of her public role with an endless career. “I will carefully study all the maps of the competitors to be ready” Finally, she admitted that she suffers from insomnia and is therefore sure that she can spy on the behavior of her competitors even at night. In short, she will try everything to be as honest as possible, at the same time she will worry a lot.