Oriana Marzoli and Martina Nasoni Its a meeting Big Brother

Oriana Marzoli and Martina Nasoni: It’s a meeting Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

After the argument about the glass, which took place in between during the Canevale festival Oriana And Onestini on the one hand and Nikita And Matteo On the other hand, the tensions in the house have decreased significantly.

Martina got involved in the bad mood among the VIPs during the evening and had a lively discussion with Oriana. The tones were excited and too many words flew.

In the confessional, Martina had accused Oriana of having upset her, while the beautiful Venezuelan, who had let loose in front of the others, burst into tears and was very hurt. Also Edward, In his opinion, he had accused both groups: “A pathetic scene for everyone,” said the young man, shocked by the behavior of his companions.

Nasoni, who sees herself in the clip, admits she could have screened her allegations better and suggests apologizing for the words spoken. For her part, Oriana declares herself very upset and continues to show all her displeasure with the new tenant.

Alfonso, addressing all the Vipponis, deeply regrets the tensions in the house, mainly because of the reasons that lead them to quarrels, in which the tones are often very questionable.

“Everything you do is argue,” says Sonia, who takes the floor from the studio and accuses all the competitors of being very provocative.

The mood is very turbulent and there is still a lot of tension in the house. How will the arguments and the bad mood develop in the #GFVIP House?