Opposition questions timing of Emmanuel Macron’s trip to Kyiv

Opposition questions timing of Emmanuel Macron’s trip to Kyiv

While the second round of the parliamentary elections will take place next Sunday, the opponents of the majority have announced that they will visit the elections.

It’s a movement that’s naturally under scrutiny down to the smallest detail. Emmanuel Macron, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Council President Mario Draghi have a meeting with President Zelenskyy in Kyiv today. From France, the opposition is questioning the timing of this trip, a few days before the second round of parliamentary elections.

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“The house is on fire and Emmanuel Macron is looking elsewhere,” said LR Mayor Jean-François Copé this morning on RTL. “Imagine him on a train to Ukraine this morning, as if he couldn’t wait until next week when the extreme left is still hyper-threatening and aimed at destabilizing our country…” On Franceinfo, LFI MP recognizes Manon Aubry a “legal trip”. Before we add, though, “We can still wonder about the timing. There are five days of campaigning between the first and second round of parliamentary elections.

The same distrust on the part of Marine Le Pen, who at France Inter considers that this trip could have taken place “a week or ten days ago”. “I find that Emmanuel Macron never does or says anything without election reasons. There is a suspicion that Emmanuel Macron is using this warlord attitude to try to influence the parliamentary elections.

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A remark swept away by Clément Beaune on Franceinfo this morning. “We are held responsible for everything and its opposite.” The ministerial delegate responsible for Europe indicated that this trip came in a completely different time frame than the general elections: “We are a week away from the European summit.” And in support of Emmanuel Macron Jean-Pierre Raffarin LCI adds: “It is a case with enormous constraints that do not come from the elections but from the schedules of the various heads of state. It’s a risky trip that Russians need to watch very, very closely…”