Open marriage Bela Gil exchanges kisses with rapper at Lula’s inauguration in Brasilia

Bela Gil was one of the many celebrities attending Lula’s inauguration last Sunday in Brasília. And Gilberto Gil’s daughter was celebrating the moment and having fun there too. She watched most shows very close to the stage and exchanged kisses with rapper and singer Rael during the presentation of the band Baiana System.

With an open marriage, Bela starred in romantic scenes in front of several witnesses. She even posted a photo of Rael enjoying himself during the show. “First comes Mardi Gras 2023,” she captioned it. The two also appeared along with the masks that were distributed at the Bahian band’s presentation.

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Rael in Bela Gil's post at the postLula inauguration shows Rael in Bela Gil’s post at the postLula inauguration shows Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram

Rael Post from Planalto Palace Rael Posts from Planalto Palace Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram

Rael, 39, is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. A native of São Paulo, he got his start in music in the early 2000s as part of the rap group Can KND but soon pursued a solo career. In 2016 Rael released the album “Coisas do Meu Imaginário” with special guest appearances from Black Alien and Chico César.

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Rapper, singer and producer Rael Rapper, singer and producer Rael Photo: Thiago Tavares/ Reproduction/ Instagram

Bela Gil has been married to João Paulo Demasi, the father of her two children, for over ten years. Recently, the chef has been giving interviews where she spoke about her open marriage. So it was in the one he gave to the Girls Stupid blog:

“An open relationship is also a relationship. It’s not something I force everyone to do, and I don’t think it’s superior. A lot of people think it’s bad and a bit promiscuous. But I think we’re moving towards a freer society in that sense, and I think nonmonogamy will be more present over time.”

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Belle and her husband Beauty and her husband Photo: Reproduction INstagram

Bela Gil posted from Brasilia during the inauguration Bela Gil posted from Brasilia during the inauguration Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram

Rael at Lula's inauguration with Babu Santana and other friends Rael at Lula’s inauguration with Babu Santana and other friends Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram