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Open Call for the Storni Poetry Prize in Argentina

Organized by the Kirchner Kulturzentrum (CCK), the competition aims to highlight the poetic production of this country and the notoriety it has gained in recent years.

The work presented must be unpublished and the results will be announced in May.

Although the prize provides for economic compensation for the winners, its creation as a cultural event grants a different way of recognizing the activity of writers and readers in the field of national literature, a CCK statement points out.

We want to create a space for creative practice and the dissemination of works. In a complex social and economic context, we try to make visible the voices of a country with enormous cultural, linguistic and stylistic diversity, he adds.

Alfonsina Storni (1892-1938) was an Argentine writer, playwright, teacher and journalist who is considered one of the most important poets of that nation and Latin America.

With his own voice, ironic and critical of the society of the time, he broke with existing stereotypes and participated in the founding of the Argentine Authors’ Society.