One of the organizers cancels the freedom convoy to Winnipeg

One of the organizers cancels the “freedom convoy” to Winnipeg planned for February

(Ottawa) All indications are that next month there will finally be no “freedom convoy” on the streets of Winnipeg.

Posted at 12:12 p.m


The group Canada Unity, which is one of the organizers of last year’s protest in Ottawa, announced on Facebook that it would cancel plans for another rally in late February.

Canada Unity founder James Bauder originally planned to return to Ottawa for a new event, but announced on December 25 that the event would eventually take place in the Manitoba capital on February 17-21.

But less than a week later, Mr. Bauder published a long message on Facebook on Saturday, in which he explained that the rally would simply not take place, in particular because of security risks and personal attacks directed against him.

Mr Bauder is one of dozens of people who have been arrested and charged with various wrongdoings for failing to comply with police orders and court orders during the February 2022 protests.

The first version of the “freedom convoy” paralyzed downtown Ottawa and various border crossings with the United States for several weeks. For the first time since it was passed, the federal government had to resort to the emergency law to end the demonstration.