One month after giving birth to twins Isabella Scherer shows

One month after giving birth to twins, Isabella Scherer shows real belly and “no romanticization”

Influencer Isabella Scherer shared a series of pictures on social media, showing how her tummy is a month after giving birth to twins Mel and Bento. Recently, the former MasterChef contestant wowed fans by this time posting a photo of her breastfeeding her kids. She showed the followers her belly.

THE photo sequence was released on Saturday evening (1) and showed some followers the reality. Unlike some celebrities who showed a different physique after giving birth to their children, Scherer showed off the flabbiness of the abdomen.

In the comments Isabella has been praised by some followers. “How beautifully you show reality, what it’s like to be a mother and the marks it leaves on our bodies!” Said one fan. And I, as a mother of twins, I am very happy that you show the reality‘ wrote another.

“Realistic woman! no romanticization‘ commented a third. “After birth it’s no cakewalk and their bodies will never be the same, and that’s okay! You are awesome‘ added another follower.

Isabella Scherer slammed Eliezer after exBBB said he wouldn’t live with Viih Tube

Following the announcement of Viih Tube’s pregnancy, Eliezer gave an interview to Gshow and mentioned that he will not be living with the influencer at the moment. on social networks,ala was the subject of controversy and Isabella decided to speak out.

The most important thing is that we are always together. I want to be part of everything, I always want to be there. But living together, not yet. I’m not moving in with her and she’s not moving in with me,” Eliezer said.Get involved in everything, go through difficulties at dawn, don’t‘ Isabella wrote.