One hundred nominations for the Dynasty Gala and Dynasty Week

One hundred nominations for the Dynasty Gala and Dynasty Week

The nominations for the 7th Dynasty Gala were announced on Wednesday, when the organization announced that this spring’s first Dynasty Week would be held from March 26 to April 1.

The gala will be divided into two evenings on the Place des Arts. March 30th is the “Media” evening hosted by Naadei for the second consecutive year and April 1st is the “Culture” evening hosted by Preach. Overall, the two appointments make it possible to highlight a hundred people who have been named from the black communities. A total of 25 prizes will be awarded.

Incidentally, the nominees include Anyck Béraud, Deborah Cherenfant, Anne-Lovely Étienne, Meeker Guerrier, Andy Mailly-Pressoir, Émilie Nicolas, Nicolas Ouellet, Kevin Raphaël and Martine St-Victor, just to name a few. All nominations are available online.


As for Dynasty Week, its POWER theme is “rooted in celebration and affirmation” and “the legacy of great African American thinkers and the struggle for civil rights that continues to inspire today to harness our power and recognize our unique talents and to recognize skills that one possesses.

Dynasty Week will take the form of a variety of events including the Black Carpet on April 1 hosted by Gaël at the Théâtre Maisonneuve, the Dynasty Brunch (March 26) and the Dynasty Convos (March 27-28). ). All programs are available online [].