ON VIDEO Student forced to move due to bullying

ON VIDEO | Student forced to move due to bullying

A Florida teen was forced to relocate to another state after a video of her being abused by her bullies went viral.

Twelve-year-old Patricia was in the sixth grade at Veteran’s Park Academy when she began avoiding school. According to US media outlet WINK News, her family then realized she was being bullied.

His mother, Danielle Kicker, then decided to go to the school to raise the situation with the school administration.

“I said this harassment has to stop. This little girl doesn’t want to come to school. [La directrice] “I promised myself she was in good hands,” said the mother.

But shortly thereafter, Patricia was beaten in the toilet in front of a crowd of students.

“Nobody protected her. Nobody did anything. How can you hear all that noise and see all the kids running around? where are the adults Where are all the adults here?” said her grandmother, Madonna Lewis.

The girl changed schools in January after the attack, but the children at her new school saw the video and began to bully her. She therefore had to move to Missouri with other family members.

“You turned your back on him. She didn’t have anyone. The Lee County School District failed,” said Ms. Kicker.