ON VIDEO One Waitress Spectacular Lana Del Rey Was

ON VIDEO | One Waitress Spectacular: Lana Del Rey Was Spotted Serving Pancakes! – VAT News

Lana Del Rey surprised her admirers by serving diners at a lunch restaurant in Alabama on Thursday.

In photos and videos circulating on social media, the singer was spotted working behind the restaurant counter, Page Six reports.

Photo from Twitter | PopBase

As with her shows, Lana didn’t do things by halves; She wore the restaurant uniform and had her name on her chest.

In one photo, the singer can be seen serving a customer a hot cup of coffee.

Photo from Twitter | PopBase

In another series of photos, the ‘Summertime Sadness’ artist was seen seated with restaurant workers.

Photo from Instagram | lanadelreybr

We still don’t know why the singer was at the restaurant on Thursday and, more importantly, why she worked there.

Photo from Facebook | Karina Cisneros Juárez

Lana’s admirers have flooded social media with enthusiastic responses to her down-to-earth ways.

Photo from Instagram | lanadelreybr

“I love that she lives her life the way she wants,” one person wrote.

“That’s why she will always be my queen,” said another.

“She’s employee of the month,” wrote a third person.