On video Karol G sang Mami with a 70 year

On video: Karol G sang “Mami” with a 70 year old fan in full concert

With her Strip Love Tour in the United States, Karol G arrived in Houston where she was surprised by a fanatic who sang with Bichota from the first moment and fell in love with the audience.

When the artist saw Doña María, 70, in the crowd, he asked her to go on stage after alerting her.

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And the most emotional moment of the evening came when Doña María expressed that her favorite paisa song was “Mamiii”.

“Oh my Queen, you made my night very happy!” Karol G replied immediately.

The artist, who recently released the Gatúbela theme, concludes his current tour in Boston, Massachusetts on November 2nd.

The reactions were not long in coming on social networks. Here are some of the comments.