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On vacation in the Maldives (like Federica Panicucci)

It is the favorite destination of Italian VIPs. If there is one place where you can protect yourself from the artificial light of the floodlights, it is where the natural light of the sun shines: in the Maldives.

Then, after the season of Five Tomorrow, Federica Panicucci decided to fly with her kids, Mattia and Sofia (leaving her partner Marco Bacini at home) and run away. Its heart is the Atoll Raa, north of Malè, the capital of the Maldives.

To reach the magnificent resort where the presenter spends her holidays, the Emerald Maldives Resort, she boarded one of those small seaplanes that connect the international airport to the atolls in a few minutes. They fly low and look out the window, admiring the small green circles (they are the palm trees of the islands) surrounded by them a thin streak of light (this is the beach) and a blue (the shallow sea) emerging from the water is a true delight for the eyes. If you were at Maldives at least if you know that, that’s the (wonderful) feeling you get.

How is the resort structured?

The resort chosen by Panicucci, included among the Leading Hotels of the World, is a five-star hotel and was built on a small island of 20 hectares, with a beach of about a kilometer and a half (to be crossed several times a day). Day back and forth to get some exercise).

Built in harmony with the Maldivian environment, using materials such as bamboo, natural stones and ylang ylang leaves, whose flowers have an intense and delicious fragrance. In addition, it is a “green” resort that attaches great importance to energy efficiency and environmental protection. Maybe that’s why Federica liked him (and not only).

Or maybe it was there beach villa where he lives, definitely one of the most luxurious in the Maldives. Very modern, with a private swimming pool that opens directly onto the white beach, where you can enjoy a rich breakfast with exotic fruits and where you can wake up in the morning and just look at the water to see manta rays and black tip sharks, maybe a few turtles and countless colorful fish.

VIPs in the same resort

A few months ago, the Emerald also hosted Miriam Leone, a former Miss Italy and now a career actress. Perhaps she had decided to spend a postponed honeymoon there with her husband Paolo Carullo, to whom she had married in their native Sicily last September.

Not just the stories and moles Instagram post They had made us dream, for the colors of the sea with a thousand shades of emerald green, for the white of the bright sand, for the pleasant climate that they had found when they were there in February, when it was still cold in Italy, but also for luxury holidays in the Maldives.

How much does a holiday in a VIP resort in the Maldives cost?

During this time, a holiday in this luxury resort in a beach villa like Federica’s costs around a thousand euros a day, all inclusive of course. The 187 square meter villa can accommodate up to four people, has a private pool, a marble bathroom, an outdoor shower, a walk-in closet and a terrace.

On the other hand, if Miriam Leone booked her honeymoon, she could certainly take advantage of a “Honeymoon Special” promotional price that gives a 20% discount by paying around 800 euros per night for the room. In short, if you want, there is also a way to save …