On Rai 1 comes Survivors TV series filmed in Genoa

On Rai 1 comes ‘Survivors’: TV series filmed in Genoa GenoaToday

Genoa and Liguria are back as protagonists on small screens. Following the successes of Petra, Blanca and Hotel Portofino, the prime-time TV series “Survivors” arrives on Rai 1 on Monday October 3rd. Shot entirely in Genoa, it is an international co-production of Rai Fiction, Rodeo Drive, France Télévisions , Cinétévé and ZDFneo, which has received the support of the Liguria Region through the tender for the recruitment of audiovisual production companies.

Survivors, the plot of the TV series

The plot revolves around the events of the sailboat named Arianna, which set sail from the port of Genoa on an ocean crossing and then disappeared from radar after a few days of navigation. A year later, it reappears out of nowhere along the Venezuelan coast, reduced to a wreck and with only seven people on board. Through the survivors’ story to the authorities, the storm they encountered will be relived, but the ghosts of the shipwreck and Anita’s suspicions will open cracks in the story that will allow light to be shed on what really happened.

“Genoa and Liguria are once again protagonists on television, with a production that will bring the unmistakable landscapes of our region not only to the screens of millions of Italians, but also to those of French and German viewers – comments the President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti – An opportunity to show and discover the beauties of our region, grafted into the great work of promotion and tourist promotion of the territory that we carry out and that contributes To increasing numbers year after year”.

“Arousing the interest of a very large national and international audience and making an important impact, not only in terms of image but also in terms of employment and economy for our territory, was the ambitious goal of the audiovisual launched by the Liguria Region call , in one of its many editions. And I believe that the TV series “Survivors” can already be considered a success for Liguria, waiting for the number of viewers it will achieve in Italy, France and Germany – emphasizes the Regional Councilor for Economic Development Andrea Benveduti – over 600,000 euros total investment, 85 days of shooting in Liguria, 35 local companies involved and full involvement of local workers: data that reinforces the commitment of the Liguria Region in promoting a production with 120,000 euros in grants and elevates Genoa and its sea in its most beautiful and evocative aspects “.

“The making of ‘Survivors’ has been an ambitious, engaging and satisfying experience – says Cristina Bolla, President of the Genova Liguria Film Commission – A magnificent international co-production by Rai Fiction, ZDF and France Television that selects and narrates Liguria, once again an unprecedented one Perspective. A project that is among the most ambitious of those pursued in recent years, which has witnessed a great competition between the forces of the institutions and of the entire territory. There are great expectations of the first television of tomorrow, but we are convinced that it will be a great testament to the author.” This time GLFC not only supported the production organisationally, logistically and with regard to approval, but also with the identification and selection of the shooting locations : So we will see many new scenarios and points of view that will be added to the “Petra” and “Blanca” already aired in the second season. the internationals. The big season of Liguria, the land of fiction, will continue from October with many new features.