On Netflix the new season of the crime TV series

On Netflix the new season of the crime TV series with the beautiful and ruthless queen of drug traffickers. Agendaonline.it

A female narcos tale, with plots from a South American soap opera: the Netflix crime TV series that will keep you in suspense between drama and action.

Adaptation into a TV series of the most expensive soap opera of the Spanish Telemundo, exciting and very long, again based on the novel by Arturo Pérez-Reverte “La reina del Sur”. An action drama series was aired Netflix which literally ties the viewer to the screen and transports him into a world where escapes, crimes, burning truths, intrigues and tensions are the daily bread of the protagonists, who are mainly women.

Five Seasons, theThe Queen of the South“ among the references classified as the most interesting among the series on the streaming platform.

A largely South American cast that sees the perfect interpretations Alice Braga, Veronica Falcon, Hemky Madera it still is Justina Machado, Peter Gadiot and Joaquim de Almeida. A cast of actors who create the right dynamics typical of the difficult, dangerous and colorful setting narrated by the production and above all give the story the appropriate credibility.

Direct and violent actions, melodramatic innuendos, cocaine cocaine, flying bullets, crazy car chases, all to tell a dark drama.

Unusual and curious that the three main characters of such a crime story are three women: the indestructible Teresa, her eccentric best friend and the wife of the cartel boss who protects her.

Three emblematic characters of a universe usually associated with male characters, while here we have Latin American women full of passion, tenacity, daring and resistance to events and feelings.

A story fullaction crime‘ and nuances thrillerable to generate excitement among the public, which, unsurprisingly, has taken it very well on the Netflix platform.

Attention is drawn to the world of drug trafficking, an example of which is “Narcos”, one of the most sensational titles of recent times, but also the female point of view from which the events are told.

The focal point of the narrative perspective is a female protagonist who finds her way through a world of men and dangers on her own and under her own steam. A plot full of action and suspense, also very popular with female audiences, who also find in her a reference in terms of charisma and empathy.

On Netflix, The Queen of the South was a real phenomenon that, if you haven’t already, is worth checking out.

The Queen of the South

Watch the trailer and read the story

Teresa Mendoza is a young woman who soon finds her life turned upside down: her boyfriend is killed in Mexico as a drug dealer who is executed by the head of the cartel, Don Epifanio Vargas. From that moment on, her antagonist becomes Teresa, the “Reina del Sur”, who is forced into a desperate escape to Texas. She has a notebook with her, an item meant to help her save herself.

On the run, however, she is captured and forced to work for the Camila Vargas cartel. But who is this woman really? And why will he start treating her a certain way?

What can be said is only that Teresa will start working in the drug trafficking ring and supplying drugs. But this is such a hard, complex and dangerous life that there is no escape. All the more so for a woman who deeply doesn’t feel at all part of a world so ruthlessly and essentially dominated by male characters.

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