On launch day, Vai na Fé Turbine Ibope by    and BBB premieres on Low

On launch day, Vai na Fé Turbine Ibope by and BBB premieres on Low

The first business day of the second half of the year was marked by premieres on three of the country’s four main broadcasters: Globo, SBT and Band promoted changes in their programs, in different time slots and with very different goals. On the one hand, the audience leader put her chips on the release of Vai na Fé, the new seven o’clock soap opera, and on the premiere of another season of Big Brother Brasil. Silvio Santos’ channel bet on resuming a live newscast throughout the night, while Band decided to increase Cariocão’s visibility.

According to consolidated viewership data for Greater São Paulo obtained through the report of pop tv According to market sources, the most successful release on January 16 was the premiere of Vai na Fé: the story created by Rosane Svartman debuted with an average of 22.4 points and was tuned in by 35.9% of tuned TVs in the country’s capital. Although the figure is 8.2% higher than that of the last four seconds of Cara e Coragem, the index is 2.2% lower than that of the debut of its predecessor, which scored 22.9 points on May 30, 2022.

At the end of prime time, Globo promoted the arrival of BBB23. Despite the increase in viewership compared to the usual performance of its slot, the reality show directed by Tadeu Schmidt could not repeat the feat of the premiere of the 22nd season, which managed to have more viewers than the nine o’clock soap opera: the premiere of the new Year of the most watched house in the country had an average of 22.7 points and was tuned in by 41.3% of the televisions switched on between 22:18 and 23:54. It was the secondworst debut in the format’s history, beating only BBB19’s 22.5.

SBT News on TV (1.9) and Agenda Carioca (1.2) debuted as audience guides. The new news program on Silvio Santos’ channel, directed by journalist Fernando Jordão, could not exceed the numbers normally recorded by the time slot, which until then had been filled with series produced in the Quem Não Viu Vai Ver block over the last century. Reruns of the best editions of Reporter Connection and the updated version of SBT Brasil. On tape, the new sports attraction also retained the station’s normal latenight numbers.

Check the averages of the programs of the main TV channels this Monday (16):

AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)14.3
Good morning SP7.5
Good morning Brazil8.1
Meeting with Patricia Poet6.8
More you6.4
globe sports10.5
newspaper today11.9
Chocolate with pepper11.8
Afternoon Session: Shrek the Third12.3
Always worth seeing: O Rei do Gado16.4
Sertao Sea19.6
walk in faith debut22.4
National Newspaper23.7
Big Brother Brazil 23 debut22.7
Marighella debut12.0
Journal da Globo8.0
Walk in faith (repeat)5.4
Comedy in Madruga: Vai Que Cola3.7
hour 14.0
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)5.1
balance sheet in the morning1.5
Overall balance morning II2.6
General Balance Morning SP2.9
Speak Brazil3.1
General Balance SP6.0
The Ten Commandments4.6
city ​​alarm5.6
City Alarm SP6.8
Journal da Record7.5
Unprecedented love4.4
Session 70 Years: The Law and Crime4.6
Chicago fire3.8
between the lines1.3
The love school0.7
Universal Church0.5
Record early in the morning0.7
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)3.8
First impact1.9
First Impact 2nd edition3.0
small plate3.0
Family cases3.1
The owner4.4
overcome heartbreak4.1
SBT Brazil4.5
Poliana Moca6.4
accomplices to a rescue5.5
mouse program4.4
Arena SBT3.3
The night2.2
Operation Mosque1.7
SBT News on TV debut1.9
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)2.1
sign of faith0.1
Let’s go to Brazil0.4
The Chef with Edu Guedes0.5
open game1.5
The Ball Owners1.8
The best of the afternoon1.1
Brazil Urgent4.2
Brazil Urgent SP3.9
tape newspaper4.7
Faustão in the band3.3
worth living1.3
night news1.1
What ending did it take?1.1
total sport1.1
Carioca Calendar debut1.2
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Rockets0.9
+ info0.5
Jornal da Band (substitute)0.7
BandNews Zeitung First newspaper0.5
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)0.2
church of grace0.0
Sidney Oliveira and you0.1
Ronnie SP Tomorrow0.1
Ronnie’s morning0.1
I will tell you0.1
revival church0.0
Elevate shop0.0
Universal Church0.0
the afternoon is yours0.8
The love school0.2
Universal Church0.1
National Alert0.3
TV network! news0.7
sign of faith0.1
television fame0.4
Galera Esporte Clube0.2
show nfl0.0
dynamic reading0.1
João Kleber Show (substitute)0.2
church of grace0.0

Each dot represents 76,953 households and 206,674 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters