On a bike from Canada to the US for sick granddaughter, 53  year  old grandfather hit and killed by truck

On a bike from Canada to the US for sick granddaughter, 53 year old grandfather hit and killed by truck

by Paolo Foschi

Jean Pierre Petit raised funds to support the care of his ailing granddaughter. The family decided to donate the organs

He had decided to put his passion for cycling at the service of his sick niece Eveline. To raise money for a kidney transplant, Jean Pierre Petit, a 53-year-old Canadian grandfather, had organized a fun little bike business: an 838-mile (1,349-kilometer) bike ride that began June 4 in Winnipeg, his city in the Canadian region of Manitoba, as far north as Black Hills, South Dakota, in the United States, where there is a famous spring water fountain that is considered a symbol of life. The project ended in tragedy: the man died from his injuries after being hit by a truck driver on Interstate 29 less than 20 miles from Brookings, South Dakota.

Carrying a We Do All We Can sign, Jean Pierre Petit was stunned as he cycled down the white line at the side of the road. Taken to Sioux Falls Hospital, died shortly thereafter. At the time of the accident, he had already raised over $18,000. The fundraising company was informed via the Facebook page Cicle4Eveline, where the tragic accident was also announced: The Petit family would like to inform everyone who has followed the Cycle4Eveline journey that our wonderful JP – husband, father, grandfather, Hero – abandoned due to his injuries. JP has always focused on the health and safety of others. He leaves an incredible legacy that includes his recent support for his son and granddaughter during their kidney donation experience and then his fundraising plan to support Eveline’s kidney transplant and other children in need of care. And now, with that legacy, he’s donating his organs to help save more lives. JP’s wife Carmelle and their three children Marquis, Julien, Janique and their spouses and many grandchildren are all deeply proud of JP and so grateful for his presence in their lives. God has given us the miracle of a man leaving behind a legacy of love, selflessness and heroism. If you would like to honor JP now, make a gift to Cycle4Eveline or leave JP’s memorial gift at Goodbear. Both will continue to support JP’s ultimate goal.

June 16, 2022 (change June 16, 2022 | 02:28)