Olympia 2024: Rescue for Paris Hilton?

Olympia 2024: Rescue for Paris Hilton?

The NBC network called on Paris Hilton to promote the Summer Olympics in Paris, which are scheduled for 2024.

So we can see the rich heiress of the American hotel group using his name in a video unveiling the chain’s logo for coverage of the games.

“Next summer the eyes of the world will be on… Paris!” we hear him say along with a narrator. “Ah, the other Paris,” she then adds after the broadcast of athlete pictures.

“I can’t wait to be part of the Paris Games even if it’s not just about me,” she wrote, sharing the ad campaign on her Instagram account.

The French capital will host the Olympic Games for the third time in its history, joining London in this chapter. These are scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024. The opening ceremony takes the form of a procession on the Seine.