Olivia Newton John, What an Extraordinary Life: e’s how Grease’s Sandy showed Madonna and the others the way

by Matteo Persivale

An extremely talented singer, actress and dancer, she effortlessly experimented with a variety of styles. Here’s how he announced the return of the disease: “I’ve had an extraordinary life”

“I’ve had an extraordinary life,” he said in the interview announcing the disease’s unexpected return, with the usual smile (courage is grace under pressure, Hemingway said) not to please people worldwide with his millions of fans frightened if that were the case, she should comfort us and not the other way around.

The life of Olivia Newton-John, who passed away yesterday at the age of 73, was as extraordinary as her career through five decades of dancing and singing: very different music, very different styles, with the constant of her talent and her sincerity, with his Intelligence to illuminate the most diverse artistic decisions.

The sentimental pop of “I Honestly Love You,” which almost introduced her to the world as a girl; the land (unbelievable but true) of Let Me Be There, the 1950s nostalgia of Grease before the 1950s were back in fashion, the disco, the 1940s Hollywood classic starring Gene Kelly in Xanadu , the rock of Magic, the aerobics of Physical, and so on, to the recent three-year residency in Las Vegas, playing gig after gig of his greatest hits.

She had—among many others—the gift of ease in being herself and doing very different things in front of Madonna and Kylie and Beyoncé and Lady Gaga and all the others she uncompromisingly showed the way. To understand the worldwide grief at his death, you can write essays about his music, about his career choices, about his ever-timely looks even as he emulated the past – just look at Sandy from Grease, with the most famous ones blond hair in the world. world, the “old school” high school fringes but miraculously never boring, and the more aggressive cotton look that never magically becomes a “bonnet” because that’s who she wears it.

He matched everything to his personality, lighting up clothes, hair and makeup with his intelligence (his grandfather was a Nobel Prize winner, his father a former Mi5 spy and university professor with a passion for opera), keeping up with Kelly and Travolta without seeming to fight (she missed Astaire, but he was too old to say he danced with the three greatest in the world).

She had a special talent for making the impossible seem easy, making us smile even when she told us that after thirty years the tumor had returned, but immediately added that with her she had “the best husband in the world and the best Daughter of the world” together are the world and my zoo of cats, dogs, horses (as a child she wanted to be a veterinarian, editor’s note) “, too modest from the top of their 100 million sold records to the millions of friends around the world who wanted her even without ever knowing her and who know they’ll never see another again, by Olivia Newton-John And if one day another similar talent emerges, his fans can choose the best compliment: “This artist reminds us a little of Olivia Newton-John.”

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