Olivia Newton  John, the actress who played Sandy in Grease, has died aged 73 after a 30  year battle with cancer

Olivia Newton John, the actress who played Sandy in Grease, has died aged 73 after a 30 year battle with cancer

Finally the Cancer against whom he had fought for over 30 years and had shown dignity and courage, he defeated e.g Olivia Newton-John is dead at his ranch south of California. The actress of Fatthe unforgettable Sandy starring Danny Zuko-John Travolta of the 1978 cult musical, she was 73 years old and by the time her husband, the producer, posted on Instagram John Ostling, it was quiet. “Olivia was a symbol of triumph and hope in sharing her journey with breast cancer,” she wrote, “Her healing inspiration and pioneering experience with herbal medicine continues with the Olivia Newton-John Foundation, dedicated to research in herbal medicine and dedicated to cancer. Instead of flowers, every donation should go to the foundation».


Actress and singer, Australian of British descent, born in Cambridge On September 26, 1948 and at the age of 5, Olivia moved to the New Continent with her family thanks to an evergreen film like ” Fat to meet ea like Physically who won multiple gold and platinum records in 1981. He also recorded the English version of All Life, the play by Lucio Dalla. “I love to sing, that’s all I’ve been able to do since I was 15, it’s my life,” N explainedewton-john which at the same time embodied a symbol of the struggle against him Cancer carried on with a smile, never losing hope. In 1992, shortly after the death of her father, a former MI5 agent working on the Enigma project, the actress discovered she was ill. He then turned to homeopathic, Ayurvedic and natural treatments, relying in particular on herbal medicine. The benefits were there, but Olivia had them then three relapses. The first in 2013, immediately after the death of her sister Rona. Then in 2017, then the last to end his fight. But after founding the Olivia Newton-John Foundation to benefit holistic cancer therapies (which she saw as a complement to traditional methods), the actress was always keen to convey a positive message. “I’ve lived longer than many people expected and I want to show the world that cancer is not a death sentence,” she said. “I’m fine, I’m strong. I think it’s very important to look ahead.” And he added that he cannot see himself apart from evil: “I consider it a journey of a lifetime. It gave me purpose and purpose, it taught me a lot about compassion. A gift. Of course, I don’t wish it on anyone, but for me it was an important journey ».


He showed the disposition for the show early on, little Olivia. She had established herself in music by attending festivals, selling 100 million records (14 million for the Grease soundtrack alone) and winning 4 Grammys. But it is Fat, the most successful musical in cinema history, made her world famous in 1978. And the image of her character, sweet Sandy, a shy blonde who transforms into a sexy panther in black leather and hair, has never lost its luster cotonata. In the cinema, the actress had then played Xanadu, The Two of Us (always with Travolta), A New Love, Nick’s Party, Three Men and a Sheep. Latest film of 2020: The Very Excellent Mr Dundee. The personal life of a daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, who had her new marriage to Easterling by her first husband, actor Matt Lattanzi, and tragedy: in 2005 then-boyfriend Patrick McDermott disappeared at sea. Olivia’s death shook the whole world. is accurate John Travolta He was among the first to express their condolences. “My beloved Olivia,” the actor posted on Instagram, “you have made our lives so much better. I love you so much. Her impact was incredible. We will meet again along the way and we will be together again. I was yours from the moment I saw you and I always will be. Signed: Your Danny, Your John.’ “Unforgettable Sandy, Rest in Peace” is Lorella Cuccarini’s farewell.

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