Oliver Stone in Quebec: “I’m not Putin’s boyfriend”

Oliver Stone in Quebec: “I’m not Putin’s boyfriend”

American filmmaker Oliver Stone says he is not close to Vladimir Putin and that the documentary he made in 2017 about the Russian president was not complacent.

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Asked about his ties to Putin and the controversy it has sparked around his visit to Quebec, Stone angrily defended his film Conversations with Mr. Putin during an interview with Journal and TVA officials on Wednesday. based on 50 hour interview with Russian President.

“It’s a very good interview and you could learn things by watching it instead of being an ignoramus who hates Russia,” he said, before saying not to speak on the subject because he’s in the capital is promoting his latest documentary, JFK Revisited: A Closer Look.

However, the Quebec City Film Festival’s invitation to speak publicly with former journalist Jean-François Lépine at the Théâtre Le Diamant tonight was specifically aimed at speaking about his career.

“I repeat,” he replied, “there’s no point in discussing it if you haven’t seen the film. There are people who haven’t seen him and say I’m his friend. I’m not his friend. I’m not his friend. I was the interviewer and I was neutral.

As for those concerned by his presence in Quebec: “Let them discuss with me, let them come tonight”.

Oliver Stone interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin in June 2019.


Oliver Stone interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin in June 2019.

In publications posted to Facebook since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the filmmaker of Platoon, Born on the 4th of July and JFK notably suggests that the Russian invasion was a reaction to the anti-Russian maneuvers by the American and Ukrainian governments.

The FCVQ defends itself

Earlier today, the CEO defended the FCVQ’s decision to invite the polarizing filmmaker to Quebec.

“With this event we want to launch our concept of great encounters with an international artist. When we play in these leagues we can often face certain controversies, but what is important to us is to welcome an artist with a phenomenal career,” said Martin Genois.

Martin Genois assures that Mr. Lépine is free to ask Oliver Stone any questions. “He’ll ask the right people,” he assures.

“We are not in the glorification of anyone, but in exchange and the public can ask their questions,” affirms Martin Genois.

FCVQ boss doesn’t think Oliver Stone’s visit will tarnish the festival’s reputation.

“We trust in the openness and intelligence of people. You’ll judge by the end result, which will be a great, intelligent interview with non-smug questions. I hope that’s what we remember.”

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