Offspring’s car catches fire in Canada;  see

Offspring’s car catches fire in Canada; see

Members of the band The Offspring had a scare last Friday (5) while traveling in Canada. An object hit an SUV belonging to the musicians’ team and the car caught fire. Nobody was injured.

The band’s official profile covered the incident on Twitter by sharing a video of the moment. “Everyone left [do veículo] sure, but luggage, passports, laptops and pretty much everything else was destroyed,” the publication reads.

At the time of the accident, the band were en route to Rimouski, Quebec, where they were performing yesterday.

Guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman posted more information and images of the fire, including the vehicle, which was destroyed after the flames were put out, on his social media.

According to him, it is not yet known what hit the car, but it is believed that it was part of a vehicle before the one that caught fire.

“Nobody was injured. Everyone got out of the vehicle unharmed. Unfortunately, about half of our team lost all of their belongings in the fire, including luggage, computers and passports. But it could have been a lot worse,” Noodles wrote.

“The band and I are grateful and relieved that everyone is doing well. No one is quite sure yet what started the fire, but the SUV struck something large and heavy, possibly a missing trailer hitch, and within seconds the vehicle was on fire.”

The artist still regretted the losses his team suffered.

“They do all the hard work to make sure we sound our best on stage. Travel and workdays are always harder for them than ours and we cannot thank them enough for all they do. To see them go through something like this is heartbreaking and scary. I’m so glad everyone is doing well!”

See the pictures:

As we were driving through Canada yesterday, something flew off the vehicle in front of us and wedged itself under one of our SUVs and caught fire. Everyone got out safely, but luggage, passports, laptops and pretty much everything else was destroyed.

The offspring (@nachwuchs) August 6, 2022