Offenbach’s traversion finally reissued |  The Press

Offenbach’s traversion finally reissued | The Press

Almost 45 years after its release, Traversion, an Offenbach album that looks like a compilation with so many hits, is finally reissued on vinyl.

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Formed in 1978, Traversion marks the transition between the two main directions that have shaped the rock group’s history. After the departure of poet Pierre Harel in 1974, then bassist Michel Lamothe and drummer Roger Belval in 1977, the troops were decimated. But the arrival of Ontarians John McGale (guitar) and Breen LeBœuf (bass and vocals) in 1978 really got the band going at Gerry.

Beau Dommage’s lyricist, Pierre Huet, another brave recruit, put hand-sewn words into Boulet’s mouth, including those of J’ai l’rock’n’roll pis toé, Je chante comme un coyote and Je l’sais well. Also on Traversion you will find Mes blues passe pu dans’porte (a very rare composition co-signed by Gerry and Breen) and Ayoye, a song for eternity written by theater man André Saint-Denis about a dying horse.

Offenbachs traversion finally reissued The Press

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The new edition of Traversion

Traversion was re-released in 1983 and hasn’t had any other versions since and is still absent on streaming platforms to this day. Thanks to Montreal-based label Return to Analog Records, the Félix-winning record for Rock LP of the Year will be back in stores on June 18th for Record Store Day Drops, an event that showcases items whose production has been delayed by the pandemic was finally resumed sale. Enough to open another beer or two.