1673327647 O Rei do Gado Marcos is being rude to Liliana

O Rei do Gado: Marcos is being rude to Liliana

In “O Rei do Gado,” a soap opera reprized by Rede Globo, Liliana (Mariana Lima) is pregnant with Marcos (Fabio Assuncao) and still hopes to win the boy back.

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In the Monday January 9 chapter, the girl moves to Marco’s house, but everything goes wrong. The boy is rude to the girl and even refuses to sleep with her in the same room.


Marcos drives and tells himself that he will kill Ralf. The senator tells Bruno that Marcos suggested they befriend Liliana. Caxias tells Bruno that Liliana is crazy about Marcos and the parents accept the proposal. Caxias tells Liliana that she and Marcos can live together. Bruno scolds his son for proposing to be friends with Liliana and tells him the senator agreed. Marcos is frustrated. Rosa says her daughter won’t leave home if she doesn’t have guarantees. Bruno asks Liliana to pack her things. Lia tells Luana that she is old enough to be her sister, implying that she is a scammer. Lia tells Marcos that she sold her jewelry to pay for the record. Liliana is waiting for Marcos but he can’t stay with her in the room and sleeps in the living room. Bruno struggles with his son to sleep in the living room. Marcos runs into the bedroom and pretends everything is fine, but as soon as his father leaves, he tells Liliana to stay away from him. Zé Bento and Aparício are invited to a show and Lia says she asked for five thousand reais.

O Rei do Gado is a Brazilian telenovela produced by TV Globo. It aired from June 17, 1996 to February 14, 1997, replacing “The End of the World”. It was written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa in collaboration with Edmara Barbosa and Edilene Barbosa under the general direction of Luiz Fernando Carvalho. It was attended by Antônio Fagundes, Patrícia Pillar, Raul Cortez, Glória Pires, Fábio Assunção, Silvia Pfeifer, Carlos Vereza and Stênio Garcia.


Tuesday, January 10th

Regino leads the companions to a new cast attempt. Since they are unarmed, Regino believes the Jagunços will not have the courage to shoot. Desperate, the senator calls the farm owner to try to avoid the conflict. Without the chief’s orders, one of the jagunços shoots Regino dead. Also one of the landless resists the group and shoots back. A confrontation begins. Regino falls to the ground injured. Lupércio, the leader of the Jagunços, removes the bullet from Regino’s chest. Two landless people take away the weapons from the jagunços. Regino’s friend accuses Jonas of shooting the Jagunço as they are now seen as bandits. Jacira tells Jonas to get going or she will have to hand him over to the police. Liliana envies her and Bruno for their love. Donana is surprised that Liliana doesn’t have a belly. Rosa complains to her husband that Liliana went to Araguaia without Marcos. Geremias tells Marieta that he regrets Marcos being a Mezenga because her eyes remind him of Giovanna. He says that his brother Bruno liked the Mezenga. Donana regrets never having a child with Zé. Bruno tells Zé that Aparício and Lia are in love. Léia confronts Ralf about Suzane, he is rude and pretends not to understand. Bruno hopes Marcos and Liliana will make amends with his son. Donana comforts Liliana. Marcos and Marieta meet and kiss.

Wednesday January 11th

Léia receives an anonymous call encouraging her to catch Ralf with his lover. Suzane and her husband Orestes go to a restaurant. He gives her a necklace and Ralf watches from afar. She swears allegiance to her husband. Léia enters Ralf’s apartment with a gun but doesn’t find anyone. Ralf threatens Léia and she defends herself by threatening Ralf with a gun. She breaks up with him and throws him out of the aparthotel. Marieta thinks of Marcos and Marcos thinks of Marieta. Liliana reveals to Luana that she is not pregnant. Marieta meets Marcos in hiding. Orestes punishes himself for his failure. He invites his wife on a business trip to the United States, but she declines, claiming to be afraid of planes. In bed with Ralf, Suzane says she lied to her husband because she is afraid of airplanes. He says he broke up with Leia. Lia spends the night with Aparício. Marieta thinks about breaking up with Marcos. Suzane tells Ralf that she insists on exclusivity. Marcos appears at Marieta’s window and they sleep together at the farm. Geremias wakes up at night.

Thursday January 12th

The workers see Marcos leaving at dawn and are surprised. Geremias tells Marieta that he will send an employee to get the package from the store. Lurdinha climbs onto the table and kisses Bentão. Julia fires her. Lia won’t let Julia Lurdinha get fired. Judite confronts Marieta about Marcos and she says she needn’t worry as he has already returned to Ribeirão. Léia tells Lia that she made a mistake with Ralf and decided to be alone. Marcos asks his father to take Liliana back to her house. Liliana hears Marcos saying that he doesn’t like her. Luana comforts Liliana, who says she will “lose her son” and leaves before being “brought back.” Rosa advises her daughter to leave the Mezenga house as soon as possible, and Liliana leaves the house. Léia tells her daughter that if Bruno forgives her, she will come home. Lia tells her mother that she will try to convince her father. Lia says goodbye and tells her mother that she will try to convince her father to forgive her. Liliana tells Rosa that she lost the baby. Rosa tells Bruno that Liliana lost her son. Bruno and Marcos are devastated by the news. Rosa tries to talk to the doctor, but Liliana won’t let her. Luana tells Bruno that Liliana wasn’t pregnant. Marcos searches for Liliana and she says she miscarried and asks Marcos to leave her life. Bruno tells his son that Liliana was never pregnant. Lia tells Marcos that her mother dumped Ralf and they agreed to make Luana’s life hell.

Friday January 13th

Lia and Marcos say their mother wants to go back to live at the villa and ask their father to forgive her. Marcos says he’s in love. Bruno tells Luana he loves her so she won’t forget. Bruno tells the Senator that Liliana lied about her pregnancy, but he doesn’t believe her. The senator confronts his daughter, who claims she is pregnant and lost the baby. Caxias says he won’t believe until they go to the doctor. Luana ponders the Berdinazzi name while Bruno rages against the family. Luana remembers her name is Marieta Berdinazzi and her family. Review of a truck accident. Bruno asks what’s going on and she says she doesn’t want to live with him anymore and wants to go back to Regino and Jacira’s side. Geremias confused by the existence of a Luana Berdinazzi. Marieta arrives and he is cold towards her. Bruno tries in vain to persuade Luana to stay. Caxias speaks to the doctor, who denies that Liliana saw him. Luana packs her suitcase. Bruno asks Luana for more explanations. She says she has to go because she loves him too much and then doesn’t feel anything for him anymore. Marcos enters through the window and kisses Marieta. Marcos tells Marieta that his greatgrandmother received a letter from an Italian woman saying she gave birth to Bruno’s child. Geremias goes into Marieta’s room and Marcos hides under the bed. Uncle asks Marieta to explain to her exactly how she got there and what Faust has to do with it. Dimas tells the boss that Luana ran away and gives him a note. In it, Luana explains that she left because she was a Berdinazzi.

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O Rei do Gado Marcos is being rude to Liliana

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