Nvidia Geforce Now is free for 6 months with the

Nvidia Geforce Now is free for 6 months with the purchase of a compatible LG TV – Frandroid

Chances are you fell for a brand new LG TV in 2022 or were planning to in early 2023? Nvidia plays Christmas enhancements by offering you a 5-month priority subscription to its Geforce Now service.

Nvidia Geforce Now is free for 6 months with the

Did you just treat yourself to a brand new LG TV for Christmas? How about making the most of it with an offer tailored to you and the potential players in your household? The Korean giant has teamed up with Nvidia to offer a 6-month subscription to the streaming gaming service Geforce Now to anyone who buys a recent LG TV compatible with the application.

What is a Geforce Now priority subscription?

  • Direct access to games without queues
  • No time limit
  • the contribution of RTX in compatible games

You can enjoy 6 free priority months on Nvidia Geforce Now by going straight to the Geforce Now inset on your LG TV’s home menu. If you don’t have an Nvidia account, you’ll be prompted to create one without having to enter your bank details. The offer ends on January 31, 2023 and the codes received can be used until April 30, 2023. The list of compatible TVs can be found here.

Play your own games in the cloud

The principle of Geforce Now is simple: the service allows you to play streaming on any compatible device such as PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets or Shield TV using a simple internet connection. A minimum of 15 Mb/s is enough to be able to enjoy it in good conditions.

Unlike other cloud gaming services, Geforce Now offers access to a selection of compatible games from the Steam, Uplay or Battle.net game stores. So the benefit is not forcing players to buy back games they already own from these stores. But those who don’t own the games will have to buy them, the paid subscription doesn’t include access to a catalog of games, even if Geforce Now isn’t compatible with all the games available on the platforms, the list is long and gets stronger week by week. You can also check the official list of supported games.

Priority access on top of RTX

All games are already installed on Nvidia’s servers and therefore launching a title only takes a few seconds. Plus, with priority access, you don’t have to wait in queues – if a game is very popular and you don’t have a time limit to enjoy it.

15 Mb/s is enough to get you into a game, but you’re limited to a 720p/60 display. You therefore need 30 Mb/s of available bandwidth to unlock access to 1080p/60 streaming. Priority access also offers the possibility to activate RTX for compatible games and get better visual quality in addition to better performance. These are PC games too, so it’s entirely possible to change the visual settings in the dedicated menus. Be careful though, the subscription in question doesn’t affect the more expensive RTX 3080 offering.

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