Nutmeg sniffed at Amici: Valeria Mancini Guera breaks the silence, her truth

Nutmeg sniffed at Amici: Valeria Mancini Guera breaks the silence, her truth


Valeria Mancini aka Ghera meddles in the “snuffed nutmeg” theory: her statement

Nutmeg sniffed at Amici Valeria Mancini Guera breaks the silence

Published on January 16, 2023

the New Year’s shit occurred at school Friends of Maria De Filippi has taken on the contours of a jigsaw puzzle. What is certain is that some students have been involved in acts that are considered very serious. However, the talent show Canale Cinque preferred not to reveal the details of what happened. However, the consequences to which some young artists were exposed were clear. There are those who got kicked out and those who were sent to challenge and eventually dropped out of the competition. The latter fate befell a Warto the century Valeria Mancini. The girl was in the program from Christmas to Boxing Day. A few hours after the broadcast of the episode aired on Sunday, January 15, in which there was a showdown between teachers and students, the girl wanted to take to social media to deny some reconstructions that have been circulating in recent hours.

The singer speaks through InstagramHe wrote that he never sniffed anything. “I’ve never snorted anything in my life, let alone nutmeg‘ Valeria remarked, denying using the spice. For the uninitiated, when treated in a certain way, nutmeg can have effects similar to narcotic substances. One of the most popular theories about the chaos that happened at the Talent House on New Year’s Eve is the very one that says some students snorted nutmeg. It should be emphasized again that these are only conjectures as the upper floors of Amici have not provided any precise details of what really happened.

Valeria’s words partially match those collected on the Amici News account, which announced that it had come into contact with two people very close to the students involved in the scandal. One of the two sources denied the nutmeg version without any ifs or buts:

“Hi guys, we just finished talking to Valeria’s best friend. The nutmeg news is completely fake. She assured me 101% that it wasn’t so, of course she couldn’t tell me what actually happened. There was no smoking or even snorting. (We get this message) So the spice always has something to do with it, or was it used in some other way?”

From the Amici News profile, it appears that the two people close to the students offer contradictory versions. One, the one mentioned above, actually states that nutmeg has nothing to do with it. However, the other gives a very different testimony: “Yes, they used nutmeg”. However, the two versions could find common ground if it was overlooked that there is a different method than that assumed regarding the use of the spice.

Another theory that has gotten in the way is that kids pushed themselves into the making-of DIY tattoos, quite dangerous practice. Some have confirmed the hypothesis after someone noticed drawings on their hands NDG. It should be noted, however, that the boy very often writes himself. In short, this thesis seems highly improbable.