1674991405 Nunzia De Girolamo triumph of the stock for quotHello malequot

Nunzia De Girolamo, triumph of the stock for "Hello male"

Nunzia De Girolamo triumph of the stock for quotHello malequot

Nunzia De Girolamo makes a bang. Hello malethe program of the second evening of Rai1, where last night the guests Massimiliano Gallo, COrrado Formigli and Marcello Sacchetta has a 10.5% share with an average of 683,000 viewers. Also in the second episode of this new season, Ciao Maschio is confirmed with different numbers and a result more than 3 percentage points above the average of the first two seasons.

What Nunzia De Girolamo can do: the triumph of the presenter

This new season, in fact, confirms the success of the format carried out by De Girolamo and how it manages to capture the tastes of viewers who listen to their interviews late on Saturday night. Yesterday’s interview with Corrado Formigli was certainly very interesting.

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The conductor of A clean hit He told his private side and revealed his true personality with the questions of De Girolamo, who knows how to examine the hidden drawers of his guests. Formigli spoke relaxed about his career, his family and his dreams. There’s something intimate about de Girolamo’s living room that makes the interview flow and allows you to peer into the character as she recounts her experiences. And the spectators have once again rewarded Ciao Maschio.