Not wanting to kill for Putin Russian rapper falls from

Not wanting to kill for Putin: Russian rapper falls from skyscraper

Not Wanting to Kill for Putin Russian Rapper Falls From Skyscraper

10/01/2022, 17:01

Ivan Petunin is just 27 years old – and apparently slated for deployment to Ukraine as part of the Russian partial mobilization. But that’s out of the question for the young rapper: “I can’t burden my soul with the sin of murder,” he explains in a farewell video.

Russian rapper Ivan Petunin – stage name Walkie T – apparently committed suicide to avoid being drafted into the war against Ukraine. Russian website “Star Hit” reports that Petunin jumped from the 10th floor of a skyscraper in his hometown of Krasnodar in southern Russia. The 27-year-old left a farewell video on Telegram. It said, “If you see the video, I am no longer alive. I cannot burden my soul with the sin of murder. I am not willing to fight for any ideal.”

A little later, Petunin’s farewell letter to his girlfriend Elya appeared on the Internet, writes the Russian portal. “Beloved cat, there was no way out,” wrote the 27-year-old rapper, according to Friday night’s report. “I did everything I could to make you as happy as possible. But the dark time has come. And I hope you get through it. Always remember that I love you. Keep the memory of me. A human only has one name. , and I will not tarnish you. I want people to remember that I lived for my conscience and died for my principles.” Petunin’s death had a huge response online in Russia, he said.

Krasnodar police reportedly confirmed the death, according to the report. The police presence is there, it is said. However, the police declined to provide details of the tragedy.

Petunin is not the only Russian who wants to avoid conscription and war in Ukraine: since Putin announced the partial deployment of 300,000 troops last week, thousands of young Russians in particular have been crossing borders into neighboring countries.

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