Not hard to find cash deals

Not hard to find cash deals

“Cash Paid”, “Cash Job”… Classified ads posted on Kijiji and Facebook come from multiple candidates who dream of getting paid under the table by employers who play the same game as them.

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In recent weeks, Le Journal has called several of these uninhibited job seekers, who have hung up on them.

Respondents among employers were that “paid in cash” did not mean that the pay was black, but that they were simply offering to pay in cash for the hours worked in order to satisfy some.

The journal then posed as a customer to test the waters.

When mechanics and touts were summoned indiscriminately, half were quickly willing to be paid on the black.

“That’s something we can do, yes,” said one of them.

“No problem, you can pass,” replied another, looking familiar.


Le Journal then approached a dozen contractors, two of whom raved about the idea of ​​landing a $10,000 black market contract.

When asked about this phenomenon, Facebook replied to the Journal that its users “must ensure that their postings comply with applicable laws and regulations.”

“We will remove job postings that violate our rules,” it said, listing a number of ways to achieve this.

Not hard to find cash deals

Kent Sikstrom
Kijiji Speaker

“Kijiji will step in and take action if we suspect a particular situation may be fraudulent or misleading,” spokesman Kent Sikstrom said.


Revenu Québec declined to tell the journal how much research has been done on the subject.

“Revenu Québec uses the information available in its systems, public registers and on the Internet, as well as the denunciations it has received, to link the information,” said a spokeswoman, Mylène Gagnon.

“In order not to compromise its intervention strategies, Revenu Québec does not disclose its inspection and investigation techniques,” she added.

►For the Ministère des Finances du Québec, the “underground economy” includes economic activities “deliberately hidden from the government to avoid paying taxes.”