North Korea Pyongyang in lockdown due to unspecified respiratory illness

North Korea, Pyongyang in lockdown due to ‘unspecified respiratory illness’

The authorities of Pyongyang They ordered a five-day lockdown because of the surge in cases of an “unspecified respiratory illness.” This was reported by the media based in NK News Seoul, citing a government announcement, the first in eight months. Yesterday the same media reported on people iNotify of upcoming closure and the intention to stock up on goods. As it is feared that it could go beyond the stated period. The statement said one of the diseases was currently widespread in the capital the common cold while there is no mention of Covid-19. According to the announcement, residents must remain in their homes until then Sunday. And they have to submit temperature controller many times a day. It is unclear whether the announcement also applies to other cities North Korea.

Covid-19 and North Korea

Kim Jong Un’s country said last August it had completely eradicated Covid-19 from its territory. A statement that experts classified as “highly unbelievable”. A similar warning was issued earlier in the year May 2022if the cases of COVID-19 had exploded for the first time nationwide. The notice period was not specified curfewto which he finally passed two weeks. However, in recent days, state television has aired a documentary highly praising the country’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. The documentary aired by kctv extension highlighted the “great victory of quarantine” during the health crisis. He then reviewed all of the regime’s containment measures and the testimonies of survivors of the disease.

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