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North Korea lockdown for Covid: Kim Jong un orders closure but doesn’t explain what coronavirus is Virgil News

North Korean President Kim Jong-un has placed the city of Pyongyang under a five-day lockdown over an “unspecified respiratory illness.”

Posted on: 2023-01-25 10:16

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there North Korea explained the Lockdown in Pyongyang. Residents of the capital must stay at home for five days from Wednesday 25 January and until Sunday 29, regular temperature checks.

“Unspecified respiratory disease” in Pyongyang

the The government did not specifically mention the coronavirusbut once the cold and once “unspecified respiratory disease‘, whose cases are on the rise.

The news was released by online newspaper NK News, which was re-publishing information about North Korea from Seoul. At this moment it is not clear if except Pyongyang also others in other cities the lockdown has been imposed.

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On Tuesday January 14, ‘NK News’ reported on citizens wanting to do this inventories in the markets fearing the lockdown could even extend beyond five days.

the North Korea lockdown in May 2022

A similar order was issued in North Korea Beginning of May 2022, due to the spread of coronavirus infections. The government carried out Kim Jong-un has admitted for the first time there presence of the epidemic on the state territory.

In this case, the duration of the blockade was not specified and ended up lasting two weeks. During this period, authorities boasted that workers employed on key construction sites and in strategic factories were being forced to work even during lockdown.

Kim Jong UnPhoto Source: ANSA North Korean President Kim Jong-un visits a pharmacy during the lockdown in May 2022.

Follow those speaking of the coronavirus in North Korea

One of the most absurd bans imposed in North Korea is never to talk about it Coronavirus: in May, the authorities threatened death sentences and expulsions from the city for family members of citizens caught talking about the epidemic. The same penalty for those caught selling drugs on the black market.

Last August, North Korea said it had completely eradicated Covid-19 from the nation. Statement classified as “highly implausible” by analysts.

‘RaiNews’ reports that the number of infections has never been confirmed, but has been reported throughout in one of the daily bulletins 4.77 million “fever” cases. A very high number of cases considering that North Korea’s total population does not reach 26 million.

The city of Pyongyang is closing for five days due to Covid-19.

Kim Jong Un President of North Korea

Photo source: ANSA