North Korea fires cruise missiles toward the sea

North Korea fires cruise missiles toward the sea

The launches come amidst US and South Korean military unity against North Korea’s nuclear threat

North Korea this Saturday (July 22, 2023) fired a number of cruise missiles into the sea towards the west of the Korean peninsula. The number of releases was not disclosed. According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap, the information was confirmed by the South Korean army.

After the incident, the South Korean military said it was “working closely with the United States and maintaining a firm standby posture.”

The US and South Korea announced a plan to counter North Korea’s nuclear activities in April 2023.

Kim Jongun’s country responded. On Thursday (July 20), North Korean Defense Minister Kang Sun Nam said South Korean and US military activities on the Korean peninsula could motivate the use of nuclear weapons. “The phase of military confrontation on the Korean Peninsula seemed like a dangerous reality,” he said.

A cruise missile is guided, which means it is remotely controlled after launch. Powered by a jet engine, it is designed to carry an explosive charge.

South Korean and US forces analyze debris that fell into the sea following Saturday’s launches. The distance the equipment traveled was not disclosed.

The launch came three days after North Korea fired two shortrange ballistic missiles into the East Sea. On July 12, Japan also accused North Korea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching missiles 250 km off the Japanese coast.

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