Nord Stream 2 pipeline gas is unlikely to escape leaks

Nord Stream 2 pipeline: gas is unlikely to escape leaks anymore

The Danish energy authority was informed by the operator that the pressure in the pipeline had stabilised. In previous days, large amounts of gas had continuously escaped from the four leaks in the two Nord Stream pipelines.

According to the operating company, no more gas is escaping from the leak in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The announcement was made by spokesman Ulrich Lissek of the Portal news agency. This could mean the line is completely empty or the pressure in the gas line has dropped to the same level as the water pressure.

According to the Danish authorities, no more gas should escape from the damaged Baltic Sea pipeline. The operator informed the operator that the pressure in the pipeline had stabilised, the Danish energy authority said on Twitter Saturday afternoon. This indicates that no more gas is escaping. Previously, large amounts of gas continuously escaped for days from the four leaks in the two Nord Stream pipelines.

Initially there was no current information about the departure of the Nord Stream 1 lines. Previously, it was expected that the gas leak could end this Sunday.

Of the four leaks, two are in the Swedish economic zone and two in the Danish one. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen stressed after a meeting with her British counterpart Liz Truss on Saturday that the leaks were not an accident but “sabotage of critical infrastructure”.

Government heads discuss damage at summit

Meanwhile, it has become known that the alleged sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines will also be a topic at next week’s EU summit in Prague. Sabotage is a threat to the EU, EU Council President Charles Michel wrote on Twitter on Saturday after a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. “We are determined to protect our critical security framework.” The heads of state and government would discuss this at the next summit. Frederiksen wrote on Twitter that the damage to the pipelines was not accidental and needed to be investigated thoroughly.

European heads of state and government from more than 40 countries plan to meet in Prague on Thursday. A meeting of the 27 EU member states is scheduled for Friday.