Nogales residents warn again of bicycle thief

Nogales residents warn again of ‘bicycle thief’

Ciudad Juárez.- Residents of the Nogales and Palmas neighborhoods are asking the authorities for help over a mysterious person riding a bicycle through the streets of those neighborhoods around 1am trying to open newer model vehicles, residents of the sector said.

The images, captured by the video camera of one of the neighbors, recorded the moment a man attempted to open a recently manufactured model truck on Sebastián Bach Street.

“We are very concerned because this is not the first time this subject has driven past our vehicles and attempted to open or scratch them,” said Gloria L., a neighbor at the site.

Neighbors had previously reported the theft of video cameras in apartment buildings mainly on Sebastián Bach, Verdi, Plan de Ayala, Weber, Rossini and Mozart streets. Since then, the crimes have decreased, and today neighbors are threatened again by the “bicycle thief”.