“Noemi Bocchi pregnant with Totti”, new gossip bomb after the separation from Ilary Blasi

“Noemi Bocchi pregnant with Totti”, new gossip bomb after the separation from Ilary Blasi

Separation Francesco Totti-Ilary Blasi, the news

The juiciest gossip of the summer is enriched with a new, unexpected element. According to Corriere della Sera, Totti’s new partner is said to be pregnant.

Noemi Bocchi pregnant with Totti new gossip bomb after the

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Separation Francesco Totti-Ilary Blasi, the news

The gossip of summer won’t end with summer. On the Separation between Blasi and Totti Another bomb indiscretion arrives: Noemi Bocchi, the 34-year-old partner of the former Giallorossi captain, would be pregnant. To say it is the Corriere della Sera that “cites the latest apocryphal gossip rocking the capital” according to which “Noemi Bocchi is even pregnant […] despite the fact that they show a flatter stomach in the photos on Chi”.

The indiscretion about the pregnancy of Noemi Bocchi

In short, the juiciest gossip of recent months is seasoned with one more element that will no doubt add to the already rampant interest in a story that has literally upset the balance of the rumor sector in Italy. That the relationship between Totti and Bocchi is already at an advanced stage is also confirmed by other indiscretions of the last few weeks, for example those who want to have already studied the plan of a gradual coming-out, although the two already have the expenses summer together in great secrecy. .

The pact between Totti and Noemi comes to light

According to Il Messaggero, who swiped them both while on vacation on the Roman coast, Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi made a pact: to keep their relationship a secret until the breakup practices with Ilary Blasi are finalized. Only then is the couple allowed to come out freely. Until then, their love will continue to be a secret love consisting of escaping the paparazzi and blacking out the news. But now it seems certain that the two are a permanent couple. The former captain actually resides in Sabaudia, in the family villa vacated by Ilary Blasi, while Noemi would have given up the traditional holidays in Sardinia to stay next to Francesco and rent an apartment in a residence. She was rumored to have been seen boarding a yacht moored offshore, where she stayed for several hours and then returned to the residence.

Francesco Totti is serious about Noemi Bocchi, the photos that tell her Roman summer

The separation from Ilary Blasi

Meanwhile, Blasi and Totti’s separation work is progressing slowly, as it is difficult to reach clear and definitive agreements after twenty years of marriage. The couple would have opted for a lightning-fast separation with assisted hearing, a procedure that allows them to achieve separation status in a short amount of time without having to clash in court. Everything should be completed within a month and a half, but it is possible that the exercises will now resume after the summer.