Noelia will perform at the Pride Downey Sunset Festival

Noelia will perform at the Pride Downey Sunset Festival

Noelia performs at the Pride Downey Sunset Festival (Instagram)

Noelia will perform at Pride Downey’s Sunset Festival | Instagram

Through a post on Instagram Noelia shared his next participation in the Downey Pride Sunset Festivalwho saw the poster that accompanies her cute promotional photo will surely be pleased to know that she will be in attendance.

Since the pandemic in 2020, Noelia has had to postpone several of her concerts and some projects where she would be in contact with her audience, including one of the most anticipated tours of her fandom, which by the way already have some upcoming dates.

In the two years that followed, her presentations were somewhat limited as the famous Latin singer didn’t want to attend events where her fans could be contagious, which is why we rarely saw her on stage.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that she was not as present as she would have liked, in the few concerts we have seen her, the affection, admiration and emotion of her followers was palpable when she presented her saw a stage.

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Promotional poster of the event | Instagram noeliaofficial

Surely the same thing will happen next Friday, August 12th summer festivalon the same day he will release “BiografĂ­a”, a new single he has been working on.

See you at @downeypride on Friday 12th August Downtown Downey, I’ll be waiting for you at Pride Downey’s Sunset Festival next August 12th,” Noelia wrote.

The beauty Singer and Businesswoman industry, is the guest of honor at this event, which incidentally is free in this city in Los Angeles County, California at Furman Park, Firestone Boulevard and Downey Avenue.

The promotional poster mentions that in addition to free entry, there will also be delicious tacos for free! There will also be other vendors, a DJ, a photo booth and certainly some booths that might interest you. but who will take the night for sure it will be Noelia.

On several occasions, the “Candela” singer-songwriter has shared with her followers that she loves getting in front of the stage and sharing with her audience, although it seems like she has her music set aside for her various ventures Laid, so beautiful Latina does not stop for nothing and is in the process of releasing new music.

Scheduled from 5:00pm to 10:00pm this summer festival, Playmate fans in the US are sure to be planning their trip to see them sing.

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