Noelia shares with her fans and reveals that she will be releasing new music    show

Noelia shares with her fans and reveals that she will be releasing new music show

Noelia shares with her fans and reveals she will be releasing new music (Instagram)

Noelia shares with her fans and reveals she will be releasing new music | Instagram

When Noelia returned to the stage after a period of having to pause her presenting activities, some of her followers immediately began celebrating as a token of their affection Singer We came across some videos that she shared herself.

On August 12, she appeared as a special guest in the sunset festival the Pride Downey in California, USA, the event was a complete success, mainly due to the presentation of the famous Latin singer.

One of his posts also mentions that he’s about to launch new musicthat’s one of his hits,”My Everything 2.0”, about the concert in which he performed on August 12, he shared a small taste of what is to come, at the moment he has not given any further details.

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The beautiful business woman always showed them affection for his fansShe constantly shares content on social networks, where she greets them, sends kisses and others. If she had the opportunity to appear on stage, the emotion of seeing her in front of you is immediately felt.

Best of all, love is mutual because Noelia She’s also looking forward to playing her hits again for her fandom, who will join her in singing her songs from start to finish.

21 hours ago, the “Kiss Me” performer shared a video in which she appears to be sharing a little bit with her fans while performing one of her songs.

How I missed being close to the public… thank goodness everything was possible with 4 vaccines…” Noelia wrote.

Something that the beautiful Latin American artist also added is that all her work has been possible thanks to the team of collaborators around her that allow all her events to be perfect and her fans to get the best taste in their mouths of the presentations.

I reiterated it young beautiful intelligent hardworking super simple that’s why so many people love you never forget your way of being super pretty super you come to mexico!” commented one fan.

Surely his Latin American followers will be jealous knowing that for now Noelia So far he has only performed in the USA and suddenly in Mexico, people are already looking forward to his tour.

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