Noelia dresses flirty, wearing a green top and silver boots    show

Noelia dresses flirty, wearing a green top and silver boots show

Noelia dresses flirty, wearing a green top and silver boots (Image: Instagram)

Noelia dresses flirty, wearing a green top and silver boots | Instagram

With a new video, Noelia showed that she will manage to steal her followers’ sighs with any outfit, with a simple long top, boxer shorts and silver boots, best of all this beautiful latin singer He only danced for his fans.

The set, which the businesswoman, playmate and also a model of her own clothing brand chose, consisted of a grass-green shirt with the print of her friend, the son of the saint, known as “The Silver Masked Man”, the famous wrestler of the mexican wrestling.

Under his shirt he wore purple clothes, another color that immediately contrasted with the shade of green, although you could only see the lower part, getting a little lost between charms Noeliasomething his followers no doubt continued to enjoy whenever they played the video.

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What immediately pleased the eyes of her followers was the slow dance she did and her hip movements that quickly bring sighs and also start to activate the imagination of everyone who sees them.

noelia cantante

The beautiful singer always shows her elegance and poise | Instagram noeliaofficial

And again you achieve my dream with your stunning beauty my love,” one fan wrote.


In the flirtatious video by Noeliawhich unfortunately only lasts a few seconds for her followers, her beauty, her legs and her subsequent charm can be appreciated in a large percentage, adding a detail that many loved was that one of her hits was heard in depth.

Beautiful Noelia… And a cool shirt by the silver masked man… El Santo,” commented one fan.

The renowned Puerto Rican singer has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone, adds more social media accounts and also her digital platforms has totaled more than 10 million fans across digital platforms.

The “Candela” performer is consistently posting content on Instagram, to date she has a total of 7,199 posts, with this flirtatious video being the singer’s most recent.

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