Nodal has a dear friend in Costa Rica he is

Nodal has a dear friend in Costa Rica; he is Ronald and he cherishes a luxurious memory La Nación Costa Rica

When Ronald Aymerich turned 18, his gift was to go to Christian Nodal’s first concert in Costa Rica in 2019. On April 21, three years later, he will see his idol, whom he calls a friend.

Ronald, a resident of Santa Ana, came accompanied by his mother Esther Aymerich, who already knows all the songs of the Mexican singer-songwriter because her son doesn’t stop listening to him. They arrived in the town of Gramilla, at the National Stadium, in La Sabana, and they arrived so early because the idea is to find a place where they can see the artist up close.

“He is my favorite artist and today I want to hear all the songs. That’s my passion,” says the young man with Down’s syndrome.

Nodal has a dear friend in Costa Rica he is

Ronald arrived wearing a cowboy hat and sash to resemble the regional Mexican genre. On a cool afternoon with no sign of sun or rain, the area surrounding the Nacional was increasingly crowded with people wearing similar accessories to the boy’s.

“I came to see my friend,” Ronald insisted. The mother added: “He said to me, ‘Take me to my boyfriend. I started to see how he was doing and I was able to buy these tickets.” The boy’s words have a reason: three years ago, during Nodal’s first concert in Costa Rica, an event happened that he cherishes very much.

Her mother immediately goes to her cell phone to add truth to her words. There are several videos that support his statement. In one, Ronald can be seen very close to the stage and the artist puts on the hat that the young man wears for a few seconds. Today Ronald keeps it as a treasure.

You recall that during that interaction, Nodal told him they were friends, and Ronald has considered it that way ever since.

Nodal has a dear friend in Costa Rica he is

A very valuable detail

According to Doña Sonia, after greeting him during the concert, the artist always kept an eye on Ronald, who sang all his pieces. Suddenly, as Christian Nodal played his last song as he sang, he walked towards the boy, appearing to take off one of his bracelets.

Nodal asked his team to bring the young man closer and gave him one of his jewels while asking his name. He explained to doña Esther what kind of piece he was giving the boy. Ronald considers this memory the most valuable, not so much because of the cost, but because of the importance.

“There are well-known people who tell him to sell it, but for him it’s a treasure,” said the mother. Ronald confirmed it.

The boy, who is an athlete on the Special Abilities National Cheerleading Team, hopes this concert night will be memorable and hopefully he can be as close to it as he was then.

Ronald Aymerich is a sixth year student at Santa Ana High School and practices cheerleading, gymnastics, bowling and swimming. He is also an honorary member of the Christian Nodal fan club in Costa Rica.