No Limit 6: Participants Suffer From Eating ‘Day 100 Egg’, Internet Is Shocked At Scene: ‘I’m Gonna Need Therapy’;

No Limit 6: Participants Suffer From Eating ‘Day 100 Egg’, Internet Is Shocked At Scene: ‘I’m Gonna Need Therapy’;

There wasn’t a person immune to Tuesday’s episode (15) of “No Limit.” The program that eliminated Rodrigo brought back one of the dynamics most loved by the audience: food tasting. And it wasn’t! Divided into their respective tribes, the participants had to face dishes such as chicken intestines, goat brain and tongue, earthworms, orange larvae and the muchdiscussed 100dayold egg, which is typical of Chinese cuisine.

There were five rounds in total, in which one member of each team had to eat everything to score a point for their team. The Chinese delicacy was tasted in the third duel by Clécio Barbosa and Flávia Assis.

“I’m very concerned about the smell the egg leaves on things, imagine a 100dayold egg, with this purple texture, molasses, a bit spoiled,” said the masseur, who won the race and got the first point secured by Tribosol. His opponent also commented on the exotic recipe: “I tried to swallow the egg very quickly, I practically put it entirely in my mouth. It tasted awful, awful natural as I could imagine.” Watch:

Is there a 100 day egg? 🤢 #On the edge

— TV Globo 🪂 (@tvergleichobo) June 15, 2022

Obviously, the challenge made the internet very popular! Among the topics most talked about on Twitter were terms related to the program — specifically, the 100day egg. “500,000 isn’t enough for those who eat worms, 100dayold eggs, larvae… They need to increase that bounty there,” one viewer wrote. Journalist Danilo Sanches joked that he had to talk about the court during therapy. “Guys, don’t you get an infection from this?” another netizen asked about the Chinese recipe. Check out some reactions:

I will need to talk about the 100 Day Egg in my therapy #On the edge

Danilo Sanches (@danilo_sanches) June 15, 2022

500,000 is not enough for those who eat worms, 100dayold eggs, larvae… You need to increase that bounty there #On the edge

Rick Kanalense 🏁 (@rickmartins86) June 15, 2022

Anyone who eats a 100dayold egg is capable of anything #On the edge

— Carlos Magatti (@carlosmagatti) June 15, 2022

I sell proof of groceries #On the edge

— Thewillsilva 🦉 (@Thewillsilva1) June 15, 2022

100 day egg?? Doesn’t that cause an infection? hahaha #On the edge

— testeee 🔮 (@testeee234) June 15, 2022

My god I’ve already had about 10 food cravings just to see that 100 day egg pqp #On the edge

VINNY DA MAITE 💛 (@_vinnysantana_) June 15, 2022

I would NEVER fit into this program what would a hundred day egg be???????????? Is it literally a 100 day egg? It is not possible #on the edge

— mari (@mariftxxxx) June 15, 2022

the controversial egg

Despite the divided opinion of the viewers, this is a classic of oriental cuisine. In fact, there’s a whole technique to making the recipe, also known as “centenary egg” or “preserved egg.” Despite the dish’s mysterious origins—some say it arose accidentally after one person discovered the differences in texture and flavor of eggs buried in the ground, and others believe it stemmed from an attempt to extend the shelf life of eggs— his method of preparation is very objective.

Nameless design (12)Food evidence from “No Limite” has a 100day egg and hits the web (Photo: Globo/Reproduction)

A chicken, duck, goose, or quail egg is buried in a mixture of clay, salt, ash, lime, and rice starch and left there for a period of time, which can vary from weeks to a few years (depending on the preparation method). ). After that, the delicacy can either be eaten raw or used to prepare another dish.

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Thanks to this entire process, the yolk of the food acquires a greener color and an intense sulphurous taste. However, other consumers say the taste is more like “very strong cheese.” Curious to try it? The good news is that the 100 Day Egg is easy to find in restaurants specializing in Chinese cuisine… Cheer up!